Teaser Tuesday!! Here’s a little excerpt from Darkest Faerie Tales – Warning: It’s dark and steamy!

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000040_00017]

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Well, if she didn’t want to be with him forever then he’d give her a reminder of who she belonged to. The need to claim her overrode any other thoughts—he needed her surrender. Mine. He clenched and unclenched his fists. “Get your fucking ass in the bathroom right now,” he ordered.

“No Sir,” she spat the last word out at him.

Shit was about to get wrecked. The internal demand to assert authority and control over her grew to dangerous levels. His cock swelled and he gritted his teeth. “I will drag you in there kicking and screaming or you can walk in there like a big girl. Now, go.” He pointed at the bathroom.

She stomped passed him then fled inside. She could run, but she couldn’t fucking hide.

Cole followed, slamming the French doors behind him. Hot on her heels, he pursued her to the bathroom and flung that door shut too. “Pull your pants down,” he commanded. The hunger for her peaked and he desperately longed to get inside her.

“You’re not my master right now, so you don’t get to tell me what to do.” She spun to face him, arms crossed over her chest, and a righteous anger over expression.

“I’m always your master, sweetheart. Now, pull your pants down and bend over,” he yelled, unable to stop the frenzy of hunger raking at him and taking over—the need to take her and claim her as his, too great. His cock strained in his pants. “Or, I’ll do it for you.”

“Ohhh,” Mya cackled. “You pull your pants down, sweetheart.”

She tried his every last nerve. Cole eyed her. Taunted and spurred to have his way with her. You are mine.

“Ah. The big and strong man doesn’t get it,” she ridiculed.

“Keep this up, sweetheart and you’re gonna get it.” His neck strained as his muscles flexed and his balls ached with a need to release.

Undiluted rage burned over her face. She slapped him.

His head whipped to the side and he didn’t turn back to look at her, focusing on the wall instead. “What was that for?” Cole ground his jaw, but dared not move an inch, because he was certifiably about to lose his sanity.

“Come on, every time you call me, sweetheart, you don’t mean it.”

“You say it like it’s an insult. I call lots of people sweetheart.”

“Exactly my point. Surely, you of all people realize you use that word when you distance yourself. When you can’t man up and face things.”

He swung his gaze back to her, a pure crimson covering his sight. “That’s fucking it!” Like a lion stalking in for the kill, he grabbed her by the nape and pulled her to him. His lips crashed on to hers and his tongue pressed into her mouth—punishing her with his kiss.

Her hands pushed against his chest, but he didn’t relent, wrapping his fist in her hair and pulling her tighter to him. She opened her mouth for him and he branded her with his tongue, his lips. He wouldn’t give her the satisfaction of letting go of him. He was hers. With his other hand, he undid her pants and ripped them down her legs. When he couldn’t bend any further, without separating their mouths, he used his foot to yank them lower to her ankles.

Mya kissed him back with an insatiable fervor. Her hands wove in his hair, urgently dragging him closer as she writhed against him.

Nails dug into his scalp and he relished the pain, matching the ache in his heart. Cole used his free hand to pull her tee and bra above her chest, exposing her plump breasts. He kneaded each mound and her nipples hardened to tight little buds. Next, he unzipped his jeans, releasing his aching and throbbing cock.

Immediately, she found his erection and gave it a long, hard stroke.

“Fuck, Mya. You fucking unravel me,” he whispered against her lips before taking her mouth with his again. Winding his fist in her hair, he kept her head angled in place for his tongue to caress hers.

She squeezed his cock with a tough and rocklike tug and the pain intensified the pleasure.

No longer able to stand the intense eagerness to fill her, he broke the kiss and whirled her around until she faced the counter. Pressing down on her shoulders, he bent her over.

Her green eyes gazed at him in the reflection of the mirror with a fevered hunger.

“You don’t need a king? Fine. I’ll be your master then.”

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